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October 2016

Seventh Annual John Imlay Leadership Award Ceremony

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
7:00 am — 9:00 am

Technology Executives Roundtable invites you to join other technology executives from across metro Atlanta as we honor Mike Cote as our 2016 award recipient.  This award will be given in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the Georgia Technology community. 

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January 2016

Transportation & Technology: How to solve our traffic problems and grow our tech community faster!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016
7:00 am — 9:00 am

At this event, the panelists were:

  • John H. Eaves, Ph.D., Chairman, Fulton County Board of Commissioners
  • Dick Anderson, Fulton County Manager, Former senior executives at AT&T)
  • Todd Long, COO and former Deputy Commissioner at GDOT

and the session was moderated John Yates, Partner - Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP. 

At this event, tribute was also paid to Wayne Reid. TER's immediate past-president DIck Cook presented Wayne with a plaque recognizing his many contributions to the organization, including serving on the TER board for many years.

February 2016

2016 Forecast: Software & Internet Financing Markets - Where are they now and where are they going in 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016
7:00 am — 9:00 am

March 2016

Venture Capital in Atlanta + Silicon Valley = Formula for Success

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
7:00 am — 9:00 am

April 2016

Fireside Chat with Jim Whitehurst, CEO - RedHat: How to Build an Open Organization - from the World's Leading Open Source Software Company

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
7:00 am — 9:00 am

May 2016

Atlanta Technology Executive Compensation - The 2016 Compensation Report and Panel Discussion

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
7:00 am — 9:00 am

Join TER in May for a presentation of highlights from our seventh Annual Report on Atlanta Technology Executive Compensation – followed by a panel discussion featuring leading local executive compensation experts. 

Amid growing competition for talent in the tech sector, a well-designed compensation program is essential to attract, motivate and retain top executive. Hear the experts’ views on how to ensure your company’s compensation plans and programs are competitive, compliant and effective.

 Questions will be taken from the floor. Copies of the 2016 Report will be available for all attendees.

June 2016

Cybersecurity Update: Insights from Atlanta's Cyber Executives

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
7:00 am — 9:00 am


Daniel E. Sineway
Partner, Intellectual Property Group
Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP


Derek Harp
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Jeff Schmidt
President and CEO

Ken Garrard
President and CEO

Key questions to be addressed include: 

What are the major trends for cybersecurity thus far in 2016?

What is the number one security vulnerability for most companies?

What are the top things every company should do to protect itself from cyber attacks?

What are some perceived misconceptions about cyber threats and cybersecurity generally?

How should a company address internal threats as compared to external threats?

What does my board want and how should I advise them?

Spending seems to be increasing, so why does the problem seem to be getting worse?

July 2016

New Marketing Technologies; Marketing and Sales Today: What Your Business May be Missing

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
7:00 am — 9:00 am


Mike Neumeier
Arketi Group


Dani Cushion
CMO, Cardlytics

Carol O'Kelley
CEO, Salesfusion

Eric Spett
CEO and Co-Founder, Terminus

Devon Wijesinghe
CEO and Co-Founder, Insightpool

Eric Stoll
CEO and Co-Founder, Arke Systems

Key questions to be addressed include:

What is Account-Based Marketing, and how could you benefit from it?

What are the most powerful ways to optimize your marketing campaigns?

Which platforms for marketing should I be using for my business in 2016?

Why is my CMO spending more on IT than my CIO?

How can I use predictive analytics to help my company make data-driven marketing decisions?

Am I spending my marketing budget on the right things, or am I wasting some of it?

How can I effectively automate my marketing strategy?

August 2016

"Scaling Entrepreneurial Culture"

Tuesday, August 16, 2016
7:00 am — 9:00 am

September 2016

International Expansion - Do's & Don'ts: Legal, Accounting & Tax Issues

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
7:00 am — 9:00 am

November 2016

Venture Capital/Growth Equity for Southeastern Companies: How to find it and what it costs!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016
7:00 am — 9:00 am

The panelists will focus on the important issues for entrepreneurs seeking venture capital and growth equity and the “right” process to be followed in nurturing a relationship with investors.

MODERATOR:  Chris Maxwell - Partner, Morris, Manning & Martin, LLP


Jake Colognesi
Volition Capital

Steve Fredrick
General Partner
Grotech Ventures

Peter Johnson
Vice President
Jump Capital

Will Szczerbiak
Senior Associate
Greycroft Partners



December 2016

ECONOMIC FORECASTS FOR 2017: Impact on Atlanta and our Technology Community

Tuesday, December 13, 2016
7:00 am — 9:00 am
Listen to the Audio playback here

Dr. Donald Ratajczak is a leading economic forecaster and currently is Regents Professor Emeritus of Economics at Georgia State University.

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